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Fraser Island - Things to do

Fraser Island - Bushwalking

Fraser Island has an abundance of bushwalks to suit all levels of fitness. Bushwalking is perhaps the best way to see Fraser Island up close and personal. There are short boarwalks through the rainforest at Central Station to the 90km Fraser Island Great Walk where walkers can camp along the way for a truly enveloping experince.

Most of the walking tracks on Fraser Island are very well defined sandy tracks and are suitable for all travellers. you can expect patches of soft sand which does make for some tiring and slow walking at points. All walkers should beware of natural hazards such as fallen trees, steep slopes, uneven surfaces and native wildlife including dingoes and snakes. All walkers should wear strudy footwear and carry first aid supplies and plenty of water. please remember - never walk alone!

For a list of all walking tracks on Fraser Island - Click here - to visit the Queensland National Parks and Wildlife website.

Fraser Island - 4 Wheel Driving

Much of Fraser Island is only accessible by the walking tracks, however these can be accessed by some wonderful scenic 4WD trips. All driving on Fraser needs to be done by a 4WD vehicle and the inland road are only suitable for those with high clearance. Road conditions can vary and during extended periods of dry weather drivers can experience the difficulties of soft sand. After severe troms some roads may become unapssable. All vehicles on Fraser Island need permits.

Fraser Island - Fishing and Boats

Many people venture to Fraser Island for the magnificent fishing and boating oppurtunites. Motor boats are not allowed on the freshwater lakes on Fraser Island.

There are several activities that you can hire equipment for on Fraser Island. Equipment hire is only available at Kingfisher Bay Resort. There is no motor driven equipment for rent, making the area a quiet enjoyable playground for many different water sports. Water equipment for hire includes Canoes, Catamarans, Snorkelling gear and Fishing gear. You can also take guided canoe paddles, sailing clinics and ‘how to fish’ classes at Kingfisher Bay Resort.