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Tour Fraser Island

Tour Fraser Island offers you a complete guide to the beautiful Fraser Island. We have Fraser Island 4WD Adventure Safari tours and all styles of Fraser lsland accommodation availabe for instant bookings and information on Fraser Island's wildlife, activities, history all in the one spot.

Fraser Island is a "World Heritage" listed region and is the world's largest sand island. From the moment you leave the mainland of Australia and begin your journey to Fraser Island, you know you are in for something special. Fraser Island offers a range of activities and natural landscapes to keep all who visit entertained and enthralled for the entirity of their trip, whether it be for a 1 Day 4WD Fraser Island tour or a relaxing stay in the world reknowned Fraser Island Kingfisher Eco Resort and Village.

The local aboriginals call Fraser Island, "K'gari", which means "paradise", which it truly is. On Fraser Island there are over 300 bird species, dingos and in the ocean that surrounds Fraser Island dugong, turtles, sharks and humpback whales (in season) can be seen. The diveristy in landscapes is amazing, from the rainforests surrounding "Central Station", the mangrove forests on Fraser Island's most southern tip to the mulitude of freshwater lakes and the wonderful 75 mile beach.

Fraser Island is 122km in lengh and is 22km at it's widest point. It is located just off the mainland of Australia's South East Queensland coast and attracts over 1/2 million visitors per year. Fraser Island's climate is moderate throughout the year with tempartures ranging from 14 - 28 degrees celcius. The average rainfall on Fraser Island is 1.5m per year. The best time to visit Fraser Island is during the spring and autumn months when the tempartures are warm enough to swim in the freshwater lakes but not cold enoguh to make you shiver. Peak time for travel from local Aussies is during the Christmas holiday season and September school holidays.

For any visitor to Queensland, Australia or local alike, Fraser Island is a must see and should be on everyone's "to do" travel list.

Please enjoy learning about Fraser Island and take advantage of the ability to book your Fraser Island tour or Fraser Island accommodation all in the one spot.....