Rainforest on Fraser

Rainforests are a specialised ecosystem which require very specific conditions to survive. For a rainforest to form, two factors must be present:

1. High level of rainfall

2. Nutrient rich soils

Adaptations of plants in a rainforest:

Rainforest on Fraser Island
Fraser Island Rainforest
The rainforest on Fraser only cover a small area of the island and usually occur in small pockets that are protected by high dunes. Fraser Island is especially significant due to the fact that the rainforest grows in sand - a very unlikely soil for such a vegetation community. Some rainforest plants found on Fraser Island include hoop pine, king fern, tree ferns, strangler figs, blue quandong trees, piccabeen palms and Cyprus pine trees. Fraser Island is home to one rainforest species that dates back to the days of the dinosaurs, the king fern, commonly seen around Wanggoolba Creek

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